Gamification vs Serious Games


A little poster I made for the Innovatie Markt comparing the utility of gamification strategies against that of serious games in relation to different purposes, according to their own characteristics.

I would like to add that of course serious games and gamification are not so clearly cut out, and in many classifications of serious games it is possible to find games that facilitate a task or gamification systems that offer some kind of immersion, but in the current discussion about the difference between serious games and gamification it seems useful to start from something.

In this case the “rhetoric/simulation against facilitation” frame seems to provide a quick classification tool to distinguish between the two systems, in addiction to current classifications that (very roughly) identify gamification with game design elements and serious games with immersion (Deterding, S. Khaled R., Nacke L., Dixon D. Gamification: toward a definition, Gamification Workshop CHI 2011).

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