Persuasive Technology Conference 2016

This year the best conference about persuasive technology is back in Europe, in the beautiful Salzburg, and I am going, happiness - you can find my submission here, it will be in the Demo sessions.

About this project: it has been brewing for a while, there is a little demo and a little study about the demo, it would be nice to bring it one step further.

Social Anxiety Challenge is a training tool to help people with social anxiety to practice their social skills in real life - the app suggests exercises according to the location and to the opportunities, in this way there is something to do for any occasion, no excuses! The user can commit to a certain number of exercises every day or week, and can exchange her achievements with other users. The app is not a game, but it has a game feel, this is what Playful Pandas is about after all. Interface is still in the making but you can have a taste here