Fridge magnets for a good cause

Some time ago I started this masochistic practice called Paleo diet (kidding, it's great) and I needed some props to stay on track, I was looking for something like these but I couldn't find it, so I made them myself.

These fridge magnets are meant to help those following a Paleo diet (in my case it’s called Wahls diet, like Paleo but with more vegetables and fats), a diet that is limited to only certain food groups, but this restriction is not the worst part :-) the worst part is having to include a number of foods every day (some greens, some colourful, some sulfur, some protein) and everything must be cooked from scratch, no ready-made meals.

This created some problems because personally

a) I make big shoppings but then I never remember what is inside the fridge so I feel deprived even if the fridge is full

b) I struggle with including the compulsory food groups in tasty dishes, so I stick always to the same recipes and it gets boring

c) I don’t like to plan means much in advance or eat the same thing every day for a week, so I wanted something to always have something inside the fridge that can be “coordinated” into a decent meal

These magnets will tell me what is inside the fridge, and I can arrange them in pretty lines to plan recipes without too much effort, or I can use them to check if I have all the ingredients for a recipe, and that all the different food groups are present - I am sure there is an app for that, but I just liked the idea of fridge magnets.