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Health 2.0 Barcelona

Here I am, tweeting at probably the biggest health conference in Europe, the dots in the picture represent all the Health 2.0 meetups (is Italy on the map? There is one meetup group in Milan, but I can't see it there). Highlights of today: how women in the Middle East get fat because they are not allowed to exercise for religious reasons, and how the Middle East representatives showed statistics that referred only to men (!) and how these guys looked like I would get shot and killed after the presentation because I dared to comment on that; how misinformation is playing a major role in the lethal effects of Ebola and what to do about it; again, the Unmentionables track, this year featuring fertility, addiction and depression.

Yesterday I was so lucky to infiltrate briefly Mad Pow's workshop on gamification and hear some insight from the gamification design guru Dustin Di Tommaso.

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