Moving stories at StartupWeekend Enschede

Another great experience at the Startup Weekend, this time in Enschede, Netherlands, first prize with the fantastic project Moving Story, this is the happy team.

Startup Weekend is a business course, a teamwork course and a pitch course all rolled into one, and the crunching is always great fun, is it weird to love it?

Moving Story is a genius concept by a design student from Enschede (waiting to know how to spell her name right, will write it soon) to create a mapping of all (audio) stories surrounding a place, an aural navigation where locals offer their insight and provide depth to each passage, in times when purposeful or accidental tourism become more and more superficial (I'd still go with actually *talking* with the locals, but this app can offer good conversation starters as well).

Our team was quite large with specialists of all kinds, so we got a nice demo with beautiful graphics and kickass presentation. I wonder if this project will keep going, because it's something I would like to join for a longer period, great opportunities for an ethnographer :)