Introducing Blues Buddies

Last week I went to visit some friends at the iOSDevCamp at Bouncespace in Amsterdam, and while watching the others prepare to pitch, I felt like doing it too; there was this idea on the back of my mind for a long time, how to connect people who needed support but couldn’t find it among their peers. The idea didn’t have a name, and Judy Chen, exquisite organizer of Appsterdam, said “this is the sheet to get others to vote for your app, what is the name?” and so, after a short brain labour, Blues Buddies was born.

I was so lucky to get a great team with lovely people, among which the excellent graphic designer Nadjib Amar, programmer Dave Pitts, promising developer Jerke van der Braak, iOS specialist Ian Murray, and special appearance by last minute savior Sijmen Mulder; I care about writing all the names because I h

ave a feeling the app will grow and go far. At the end of the weekend we found ourselves with a nice demo, and we won the third price, all in all a great experience. Here is a picture.


#Appsterdam #depression #hackathon #mobileapp